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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a Hot Deal?

A "Hot Deal" is an enhanced advertising spot that can be purchased to advertise a reduced or promotional advertising for a specified period of time. This feature is available for a specified time to showcase last minute deals or reduced pricing. Check out the subscribe section of our website for additional details regarding the "Hot Deals" feature.

What is a Featured Listing?

A "Feature Listing" is an enhanced advertising spot that can be purchased to promote your property on the first page of LazyStays.com. Check out the subscribe section of our website for additional details regarding the "Features Listings" enhancement.

Marketing Tools

We offer owners the option to feature their listing by subscribing to our "Featured Properties" or "Hot Deals" offerings. Both features will appear on the first page of our site and increase the visibility of your property.

How can I get reviews?

Most travelers are eager to share their experiences. Implementing a following up system using the automated email tools available will help you stay on top of the task of inviting travelers to review their stay.

How can I boost my reviews?

Providing travelers with a positive experience will result in positive reviews. Promptly responding to inquiries and maintaining your vacation rental accommodation is a recipe for success. No one likes surprises. Ensure photos of your property are up to date and accurately reflect the condition of your property. Set accurate expectations.

Why are reviews important?

Reviews are a reflection of the quality of the traveller's experience. This includes the reservation experience, as well as the quality of the vacation accommodation. Many travellers rely on reviews by previous travellers before booking a vacation rental property.

How do I receive and respond to booking inquiries?

You will receive an email alert at the email address that you used to create your subscription. The email will include the contact information provided by the traveller. You will be able to respond by email or contact the traveler at the number provided.

What type of properties can be listed?

Lazy Stays strives to be the premiere vacation property rental platform. We encourage property owners to submit their rental listing for consideration. We are always looking for unique properties. All listings are reviewed before going live.

How can I boost my property's ranking?

A robust listing with numerous photos and video, great reviews, timely responses and the longevity of your partnership with Lazy Stays are all factors that are taken into consideration in determining your ranking on our website.

How do I get paid?

We are not currently set up to receive payments for vacation rentals. Owners are free to negotiate payment arrangements directly with travellers. Once you have subscribed, we recommend that you access the Owner Toolkit for information.

How do I access owner information?

Lazy Stays does not block Owner information. Owner and Traveler information is readily available on property listings and email communications. Travelers are encouraged to contact Owners directly at the contact information available on the property listing.

How do I pay for my vacation rental?

We are currently not set up to process vacation rental payments on-line. All payment arrangements are negotiated between the vacation rental property owner and traveler.

How do I submit a review?

To submit a review you need to have stayed at the property. Visit the listings page and scroll to the bottom where the review section is. Click "Add Review +", if not signed in, sign in, then fill out the form and submit. Once reviewed by Lazy Stays and approved, the review will be live on the listings page.

How can I verify the legitimacy of the Owner?

Although Lazy Stays makes every effort to review owners and their listings before go live, the ultimate responsibility for ensuring Travelers are dealing with legitimate owners, rests with the Traveler. Through open communication and transparency surrounding the identity of Owners and Travelers, we provide the tools for a successful transaction.

Cancellation Policies

Every owner and every property listed on Lazy Stays is unique. Property owners have the flexibility to implement their own unique cancellation policies as well. Travelers are responsible for reviewing the cancellation policy associated with the property they are interested in booking before booking.

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