Three Tips to Enhance Guest Experience

January 13, 2019

For many owners, their vacation rental property is their home away from home.  Some owners, like myself, view their property as their “happy place”.  In order to make your vacation rental property a success amongst travelers, your goal should be to have your guests leaving your property feeling they have found their “happy place” too.

Making your property as comfortable and homey for your guests as it is for you is a step in the right direction. Think about the things that would make you feel at home if you were staying at someone else’s property. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. A Comfortable Bed – Put yourself in the shoes of your guest. You arrive at your vacation rental property late at night.  You enter the property and are quite impressed to see that the property is clean and the photos you viewed on the website listing accurately represent the current condition of the property.  You unpack a few of the perishable items and make your way to bed.  You make a pit stop in the bathroom where you find the basic toiletries you need (soap, toothpaste, washcloth) before you get ready for bed.  You wash your face, brush your teeth and make your way into the bed.  As you slip in under the covers, you think, “Wow!  This is a very comfortable bed.”  Within minutes, you are sound asleep.  You have a good night sleep and wake up eager to explore your surroundings.  You get up and head down to the kitchen, just craving a coffee.
  2. A Stocked Kitchen – You navigate your way around the kitchen to see if you have all you need to make the coffee you are craving and are relieved to find that all you need is in fact there.  A full set of dishes and utensils, pots and pans, and small appliances such as coffee maker, toaster and blender. In a basket on the counter, you find two pouches of complimentary coffee – caffeinated and decaffeinated, sugar and creamers – just enough to help you get the caffeine boost you were looking for to start the first day of your vacation.  You think to yourself, thank goodness you don’t have to rush off and make a quick run to the grocery store.   What a great start to this vacation.
  3. Information – While enjoying your coffee, you notice a brochure on the table identifying the local neighbourhood highlights as well as information regarding discounted offerings for local restaurants, attractions and services. You are pleased to see that the property owner has taken the time to organize this information and feel good about the fact that you have rented a property from someone that takes pride in their vacation rental business.

The week comes to an end and the travellers really enjoyed their stay. The property exceeded their expectations and they are left with fantastic photos and beautiful memories that will last them a life.  They start their journey home and talk about their plans to return to your property.

The travellers arrive home and a few days later, they receive your email inviting them to review their stay. They provide a glowing five star review and mention their intention to return.  Time passes and you receive notice of an email alert through  You recognize the name and realize the email is from the same traveler who is looking to book their next stay.

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