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About Us

We are vacation rental property owners and travelers. With the help of our rental manager and competitor sites, we successfully managed our vacation rental properties for over five years. With the changing landscape of vacation rental websites, we found we were no longer able to continue with the on-line vacation rental websites we had established a successful history with and continue to observe the contractual requirements of the rental management agreements we had in place with our local rental managers. Frustrated by the loss of the on-line credibility and good will we had established over years, we decided to take matters into our own hands to ensure that we, and other vacation rental property owners, would not end up in the same situation down the road. Our mission resulted in the creation of LazyStays.com.

Our goal is to grow LazyStays.com into an industry leading vacation rental website where owners have the flexibility to choose how they advertise their vacation rental properties and travellers have access to vacation properties, without paying commission. Our role is to connect vacation rental property owners with travelers, without obstruction or limitation. We offer owners and travelers the freedom to communicate to determine whether each are the right fit for one another. In addition, we offer optional secure online payment functionality. Our flat fee subscription model is just that - an annual fee that can be paid monthly or yearly. On-line payment functionality is available so that owners may provide travelers with the comfort of secure payment. We offer additional features to help you showcase your property in the "Featured Property" and "Hot Deals" sections of our website. We are geared to set up property owners for success by making properties as visible as possible to travelers and by providing travelers access to the information they need to determine whether properties fit their needs and budgets.

We are excited about partnering with you to help you achieve your goals. We strive to provide travelers and owners with a first class experience with a view to growing LazyStays.com to be a leading vacation rental platform that will be frequented by both travellers and owners worldwide.

Thank you for choosing to grow with us. As an early subscriber, your loyalty will be recognized through additional offerings that will help us, help you enhance your profile on Lazy Stays.com.

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